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Crosscurrent & Riptide – SWBTF #31

Greetings Fanboys, Fangirls, EU Fans, and returning Beyonders!
And welcome to Star Wars Beyond the Films!

This week, true believers, The Defender of the EU Mark Hurliman, and your EU Guru Nathan P. Butler, take you on an adventure unlike any other, as they explore Paul S. Kemp’s Jaden Korr novels; Crosscurent, and Riptide. Spoilers ahead.

One Sith- the hosts both agree they want more! Which quickly leads them to ponder were these two books meant to be a duology? They sure work like one. And work well together.

Clones- such a staple of Star Wars and yet there is still so much about the process that isn’t set in stone. Story potential could be lurking on the horizon.

The guys discuss Force Lightning, and the Jedi’s use of it. Intentions and all that.

Speaking of Force Lightning- was this one of the many doors that lead to the Great Schism between the films and the EU? Which leads to the ponder of torturing a person by keeping them alive…. All these dark activities.

While talking dark Mark discusses how the end of Crosscurent started to take on a Deathtroopers flavor. Which leads him to gushing about Jedi of Old meeting up with Luke’s Order Jedi- which brings him back to dreams of K’kruhk showing up in a book someday.

Did anyone else catch the Faal/ Fel connection? Was there one?

Should there ever be a Jedi Punisher? Or would that by default cause said Jedi to no longer be a Jedi?

The hosts discuss the character dynamics of the relationships of the main characters, but forget to touch on the running joke of Caf & Chew Stims!

Marr: Jedi Rainman

Moving into Riptide, they discuss the clones more, Mara, Lessin, Lumiya, and Solusar clones and followed by clones of Kyle Katarn, and Jaden Korr, so much still left open for more story potential.

Nyss… if ever a creepy character that flies in the face of what we thought we knew.

Is Jaden the modern version of Jacen’s vision in the New Jedi Order? Does fate have more to tell?

The use of Rakatan technology was interesting. It’s use was just plain mind boggling….

Could Jaden be the star of a larger series? What do the One Sith have planned? What are the ramifications of the end of Riptide?

Mark relates the identity crisis of the cloning to Spider-man’s Clone Saga with Peter Parker and his clone Ben Reilly as they each thought the other was the original and later the clone. Which leads the hosts to explore identity crisis with clones in the Star Wars Saga. Nathan compares it to The Force Unleashed’s story with Galen Starkiller. A lot of deep thoughts!

Another must listen episode with your dynamic duo. Enjoy and may the Force be with you!

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Big Three? Or Not Big Three? – SWBTF #16

Welcome back to Star Wars Beyond the Films, your weekly look at the Star Wars expanded universe!

On this episode the guys talk about what’s new, including Blue Rebels?!

Baby Jaina is all cuteness with dad’s saber.

Both hosts will have to rearrange or purchase new book shelves in order to hold their whole Star Wars media collection! Here’s Mark’s shelf.

Images of Nathan’s EU collection can be found here, though he has yet to finish purchasing and arranging his collection.

Move over Garibaldi, Star Wars will be taking over your space on the wall!

Is Star Wars viable with EU only characters? And can the Saga use non film characters and thrive? Or even survive?
Should new characters get more page time, or less? Corran Horn finds some page love in Apocalypse.

The Old Republic is a prime example of new characters. Jaden Korr, and other game characters have been featured prominently in single novels.

Wedge Antilles was a minor film character who’s character was featured greatly in the EU.
Can Del Rey play off the younger generation?
Nathan mentions Scourge and talks about how the publisher entices readers.

Mark has a man crush on Corran Horn, and he’s not a film character, or even a main character in the EU, like Jacen or Jaina Solo.

The potential for great stories is ever present in the ever expanding Star Wars universe.

Red Harvest was a great stand alone that did just that: stood completely alone. No known character was used, and it was set in its own timeframe.
They pause and talk about TOR, the comic and it’s book and how that factors into the over all saga.
Nathan says the 5 words that kill Mark “I don’t care about K’kruhk”
This sets Mark off in a rant about K’kruhk being back in the Order since the end of the New Jedi Order.

Dawn of the Jedi – could this be your reboot series?

Do most stand alone books cover game characters vs newly invented ones? For instance Jaden Korr and Revan vs Corran Horn and Ganner Rhysode.
Is it time for Yoda’s force ghost to make an appearance?

Also, is Jaina on equal footing with the big three? How will they phase the big three out? Eventually they’ll be too old to continue to realistically use… And, what does a post Apocalypse EU look like?
From what readers DO KNOW from the Legacy comic series, readers know some of the direction.
Have characters been killed off for ratings? Was Jacen’s character prematurely killed off?
At some point the big three will have to bow out, period. And wouldn’t that scenario be very hard to market?

Is Darth Vader shoehorned into the EU between Episode three and four? The Clone Wars seems to be having a hard time with cramming in the story-line as well. Settings in the eras farthest from that bright center (the films) seem to be the best place to use non film characters.
Nathan and Mark also discuss the cancelation of Blood Oath and fan reactions to that.

Ahsoka is comes very close to being a canon main character, and she came fairly late to Star Wars, publishing wise.

Your hosts also talk about Maul as a recurring character….

And Nathan starts the doomsday clock of the Saga…..

Wouldn’t it be nice to have an EU tv series? Something like: X-Wing: Wraith Squadron coming to television soon! Ahh Mark really gets onto the loving of Wedge Antilles bandwagon.

Should we have more book trailers?

Mark looks at the New Jedi Order and how it was a series made up of standalones and doulogies and trilogies, not just one big series even though that was how it was marketed.

Should the line up of authors from the Legacy of the Force series to the Fate of the Jedi series have been rotated? When books/authors don’t line up it sometimes brings the reader out of the story, and it translates to series as well.

They guys finish by reminding themselves that they love the saga, and that some times concern and passion can be seen as being negative. Sometimes it just shows you care.

After all, the hosts want their children and their children’s children to be having fun with old and new Star Wars adventures to read and watch.

We hope you enjoy this episode, and may the Force be you, always!

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