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A Symphony of Favorites- TWL #87


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John Williams is the Man – SWR #97


It’s all CEII on this week’s SWR podcast podcast!

We talk about:

  •  The next Celebration would be back in the United States and would be leaving Orlando, FL for Anaheim, CA. The dates were also announced as April 16-19th, 2015
  • Dragon Con announcements – We’ll be panelists at the Marriott A706 Fri 02:30 pm and Sat 07:00 pm for the panels; What we know about episode VII thus far and Blogs, Podcasting, Vidding, and FanFic respectively.
  • First look at Star Wars Rebels
  • Legendary composer John Williams will be returning to the galaxy far, far away with Star Wars: Episode VII
  • Feedback

And much more!


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Memorable Musical Moments- TWL #44


Join Karl and Jason as they are joined by legendary special guest Matt “The Krankster” Krienke as they discuss their favorite moments in the Star Wars films which are memorable to them because of the specific music during the scene. From the iconic “Binary Sunset” track with the swelling Force theme as Luke stares off into the sunsets to the exciting chase music of the asteroid field chase in Empire, your hosts have a great time talking about how the Star Wars music highlights a number of iconic scenes in the films!


Scoring the Saga SWR #72


Who should score the new Star Wars films?

On the latest SWR podcast, we talk about the future of Star Wars music should John Williams step down.

Rick McCallum retires from Lucasfilm.

How many people knew about Episode VII?

“Star Wars: Legacy” Returns In 2013.

George Lucas ‘doesn’t have much to do’ in upcoming ‘Star Wars’ projects?

Ewan McGregor: ‘I’d be happy’ to return to ‘Star Wars’ if asked http://bit.ly/YPqgxX

We could be looking at Han Solo! “First look at Harrison Ford in Ender’s Game” http://bit.ly/YSE2A7

And much more on the latest SWR podcast.

Thanks for listening.


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