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So, What is the Lucasfilm Story Group? – SWR #117

On this week’s podcast, Mark, Teresa, Aaron and I touch on the future of the franchise!


  • Hoth-like weather
  • Tantivee IV?
  • The Lucasfilm Story Group
  • Comics move to Marvel
  • Future of SW book publishing
  • What is the word on the novel ‘sword of the jedi’?
  • Will the Spin-Off release dates will be affected by Episode 7′s release date?
  • Has @TheRileyGuy seen all the Indiana Jones films yet?
  • And much more!

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Goodbye Dark Horse, Hello Story Group – SWBW #17

No reviews this episode, just discussion. With all the rumblings around the Star Wars Expanded Universe fandom right now we wanted to take an episode and weigh in on the latest news.

  • We welcome friends of the show Josh Stolte (TechnoRetro Dads, Tron Decoding the Grid) and Tricia Barr (Fangirls Going Rouge, Fangirl Blog) as our guests
  • Marvel to begin publishing Star Wars comics in 2015. Good news or bad news?
  • Some of our favorite Dark Horse comics memories
  • A new The Clone Wars story is coming in comic form and it features Darth Maul!
  • Tricia gives us a lesson on canon
  • The Lucasfilm Story Group: Are people jumping to the wrong conclusions?
  • We answer a listener’s question about the Inquisitors in the Expanded Universe
  • Stick around after the credits to hear some bonus clips

son of dathomir

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