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Middle-earth Network Christmas Album

Our friends over at Middle-earth Network have created a wonderful Christmas album that I think you guys might enjoy! It features never before heard tracks, and is quite the change from your everyday, (sometimes boring in my opinion, yes, you can call me a grinch) Christmas music! My favorite is the White Hand Christmas, which seemed rather reminiscent of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas albums (My favorite Christmas music!), with more than a touch of The Lord of the Rings soundtrack thrown in!

Anyway, long story short, you guys should check it out! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

~ Bethany


Just in the St. Nick of time for Christmas we’re presenting to all our followers, fans, and friends,Minstrels of Yuletide: Christmas in Middle-earth! An exclusive digital Christmas album for your sheer holiday enjoyment brought to you by Middle-earth Network and Swordsong Records. Featuring the talent of our musical friends the Lonely Mountain Band, Arjan Kiel, Marc Gunn,Gandalf’s Fist, and Broceliande, along with a hidden track (which can only be heard if you download the album) by our very own Tyler Michael Jonsson aka ‘The American Gollum’. The digital album includes a special treat from world famous fantasy artist Ted Nasmith, who has allowed us to use his brilliant art for the cover.


To listen or download the album, click the image above.

This album has been exclusively created for Middle-earth Network and boasts never before heard music on several tracks. It includes Arjan Kiels hit single White Hand Christmas, a new track from John DiBartolo of Lonely Mountain Band singing a brand new creation entitled The King of the Magi, also three new tracks from Gandalf’s Fist one of which is a remake of an old Cumbrian Yule song, The Snows They Melt the Soonest. You’ll hear a delightful gem from Marc Gunn called Celtic Christmas Elf Conscription Song, and two traditional Yuletide tracks from one of our favorite Tolkien inspired musical groups, Broceliande.

The songs and music cater to a wide variety of musical tastes. From traditional to the hilarious you’re going to be moved and laughing all in the same hour.

Minstrels of Yuletide: Christmas in Middle-earth is the perfect stocking stuffer for you and your friends who enjoy these outstanding musicians and crave a bit of Middle-earth during the holidays. To our knowledge this may be the first ever Middle-earth inspired Christmas album ever produced!

Sales of the album go to support and grow everything we’re doing here in Middle-earth.


The Order, and the Republic – SWR #23

Greetings, and welcome back to the Star Wars Report!

SHOCK AND AMAZEMENT! I, Bethany, the one and only, did the show intro!

On this episode, Riley spoke of his experience playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, in beta.

We had special guests from the New Jedi Order Encyclopedia, Chris and Punit on, and interviewed them about their site!

We also had a number of people in the chat this episode, (where they made fun of me for mis-introducing our guests) be sure and tune into our live shows to join us there! You guys make shows twice as fun. =)

Thanks to Toy Hutt for sponsoring this episode of The Star Wars Report! Check them out at ToyHutt.com.

We also talked about the recently revealed Star Wars Identities, and how all our speculations were incorrect.

And, we arrived at an agreement as to what Krell truly is….. a Jerky McJerk Face!

I hope you enjoy this latest episode, and may the Force be with you in the up-coming holidays!

~ Bethany

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Welcome back to The Star Wars Report! After a few technical difficulties, (Bethany’s computer crashed and displayed the Windows Blue Screen of DEATH! It had been attacked by two Sith viruses.) we managed, after some delay, to get the show going live on ustream! Hopefully, after our Thanksgiving break, we’ll be live as usual on Middle-earth Network Radio!

We had two special guests on this episode, Geralyn and Stephen of the Star Wars fan site Roqoo Depot! We had a lot of fun talking to them, and sadly didn’t get to stay on very long with them as we had some connection problems. Perhaps we can have them on again in the future! Be sure to visit their site!

We also discussed the long-in-making, live action series, and speculated many things about it. When will it come into being? Why do we even want a live action series when we have TCW and the EU? (That’s a well duh, question for me, lol.) Why does it take so long to have the money to make it when it’s been announced for six years!? And in planning even longer!


And, as has been usual recently, we talked about the latest The Clone Wars episodes, and speculated about the next several episodes.

This episode of The Star Wars Report is brought to you by Toy Hutt! A wonderful place to purchase Star Wars action figures, models, puzzles and more! We looked at a specific item in this episode, a Naboo Starfighter, model kit, which Bethany was rather fascinated by. http://www.toyhutt.com/ep1naboofightermodel.html Visit their site, and support us!

Nice of you guys to drop by, and I hope you enjoy the show!

~ Bethany

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Fan Sites, We be Crazy! – SWR #20

Welcome back to The Star Wars Report!

On this episode, your hosts (Including the Defender of the EU, he’s back!)  talk about a variety of things, including the craziness that is being a Star Wars fan site, interacting with a million other fan sites, (ok, maybe a slight exaggeration) and hunting down/talking about news that’s been linked to through so many sources it’s like wading through mud to arrive at the original.

We thank our sponsor Toy Hutt for their support, and talk about some of the cool Star Wars toys they have! http://www.toyhutt.com/

We speak of our views on the responsibility of claiming to be a news source but not properly sourcing or crediting your storys. (Hot water fan-dom stuff.)

We discuss our plans to watch The Phantom Menace in 3D, get incredibly excited about it, quiz the live chat on when they’ve seen Star Wars in theaters, and had a Q&A with them after the episode. You guys were awesome to talk to!

We don’t talk about half the stuff in our shownotes because we got too excited about TPM in 3D and our various views about fan-dom…..

We discuss some news about The Clone Wars and talk a little about “Darkness on Umbara”.

We announce that we’ll be having another podcast join us at The Star Wars Report! MAJOR TEASE! And tell everyone to come back next week to hear more.

Thanks for tuning in to The Star Wars Report!

Come back next week!

– Bethany

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Maul is Back! – SWR #19

Here’s the latest episode of  The Star Wars Report!











On this episode, Riley, Bethany and guest host Michael Kaiser, one of the hosts of the Middle-earth Minutes podcast and a director of Middle-earth Network , kick off  The Star Wars Report’s first live show on Middle-earth Network Radio!





We had fun discussing The Phantom Menace in 3D trailer, Darth Maul’s return to The Clone Wars, The Old Republic and news about Seth Green’s Star Wars, comedy show!

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