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The Trailer Awakens – CCC TFA Trailer Reaction

In this special episode Bruce and Michael que up The Force Awakens trailer and record their reactions as they watch it for the very first time… and then again.                                                          28463e2d-eb2d-4840-ad61-527409ae85cc                                                              There may be no crying in baseball but there certainly was plenty of crying watching this trailer for these two scoundrels.


Top 5 Ships in the Star Wars universe – TWL #3


In Episode 3 of the Wampa’s Lair, Karl and Jason are joined by special guest Chris “Hothiceplanet” Smith of the Sarlacc Pit as they sit down to discuss their Top 5 ships.  Join them as they discuss ships such as the Tantive IV, the Nebulian B Frigate, and of course; the Millennium Falcon! Listen in as they discuss the outcome of their first proposed lightsaber duel matchup, an exciting new segment in the Lair!