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Christmas in the Stars – A Call For Obi-Wan

The the “Christmas in the Stars.” collaboration continues! I’m so glad to be working with so many good friends from around the Star Wars fan-site community. Over the next few days there will be a short, daily guest blog post about a favorite Star Wars memory from a friend of us here at the Star Wars Report. We continue with “A Call For Obi-Wan,” a story from Megan over at Blog Full of Words.


-Riley Blanton – Founder, Exective Editor – starwarsreport.com


A Call For Obi-Wan

Most of my Star Wars memories come courtesy of my stepmom’s family. One of the first adult Star Wars fans I was ever met was a family friend on that side. One day, when I was in my teens, she leaned over my shoulder, and, to my great shock, recognized that I was doodling Kit Fisto. Star Wars became our conversation topic of choice. I visited her house once, gawked at the number of action figures she had bought for her son, and marveled at the size and rarity of her Millennium Falcon and X-Wing models. I bought my first vintage figures (Empire Strikes Back Luke Skywalker and Admiral Ackbar) that weekend.

She died of cancer this summer. Now, those figures will always remind me of her.

A young cousin on that side of the family also got word that I was into Star Wars and proudly showed me his plastic lightsabers. We had many sword fights in the basement, his aggression and tendency to aim for the knuckles pretty much matching my much longer reach. In typical kid logic fashion, there was a narrative to our battles but it was very, very loose. He would switch which character he wanted to be, and which he wanted me to be, in a matter of seconds. “I’m Anakin. You’re Obi-Wan. I’m a good guy. No, I’m a bad guy!”

I only see that side of the family about once a year, on Thanksgiving. I didn’t expect my cousin to remember as vividly as he did, but the next Thanksgiving he was waiting on the porch when I arrived, shouting so enthusiastically that I couldn’t identify the words until I figured it out: “Obi-Wan! Obi-Wan!”

Megan – Blog Full of Words

Rumor: Ewan McGregor To Return as “Force Ghost” Obi Wan in Episode VII

Holy Kenobi!

This would be amazing, the folks over at Latino Review say they have three sources close to the project confirming it.

Also returning from the netherworld of the Force is Obi-Wan Kenobi.

After all, Obi-Wan Kenobi appeared throughout the original trilogy, despite his death in ‘A New Hope’. I have confirmed this with three close sources that are on the project and they all confirmed to me that Ewan McGregor would be back as a Force Ghost in the upcoming sequel trilogy. McGregor was always down to return.

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Riley’s Top 7 Moments of The Phantom Menace in 3D

This past Thursday I attended my first midnight screening of any movie. I saw Star Wars: Episode I – The Phantom Menace. It was awesome!

I was actually surprised by the number of people who were there at this small, suburban theater. There were a good 30 to 40 of them.  This was a good sign. Even though TPM came in 4th this weekend at the box office, it still made a cool 40 plus million dollars world wide so far. (Hopefully enough to continue this yearly tradition.)

We walked up to the concession stand to buy our popcorn and tickets. A very nice lady produced our yummy snack and began handing us our standard black-ish 3D glasses. This was, of course, completely unacceptable. I wanted my special, limited edition black and red Darth Maul 3D glasses and I wanted them NOW. The lady kindly informed me that the theater manager had (I dare say rather cruelly) instructed the employees not to give out any of the coveted eyewear until the following day… the following day.

But with a look that was a combination of both sympathy and good will to all Star Wars fans, this kind hearted lady stepped into the back room and then came out from around the concession stand. She was cautiously concealing beneath her vest, the “one and only-limited edition-get them while they last” Darth Maul Real-D 3D glasses. My evening was made.





So without further ado… My 7 best Episode I 3D moments.

1. The escape from Naboo. It’s the first 3D space battle in Star Wars. It showed me the potential for immersive 3D space combat in Star Wars. Oh, and by the way… WE’RE SITTING DUCKS!






2. Darth Maul’s Spy Probes. The only time in the movie when the 3D was “in your face”. I loved it when those things flew out of the screen.








The Pod-race. While the 3D was cool in this scene, it’s really the AMAZING sound mix that makes this scene stand out.






Entry into Coruscant. All of the wide shots of planets were incredible but this sequence really made me feel like I was in the royal starship.









The battle of Theed. The firefight in the Theed hanger was incredible. You really got a sense of the size and scale of the hanger.


Dual of Fates. This one had to make the cut. It’s definitely the most thrilling and exciting lightsaber dual in Star Wars.


And finally, the celebratory parade. Anakin got a haircut, Padme wore her most beautiful dress yet, and Boss Nass gets to hold the sparkly ball of happiness and yell at the top of his lungs…









I really enjoyed seeing this film in 3D with a bunch of Star Wars fans at midnight, and I hope you enjoy watching it too!