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Does The Clone Wars make Episode II obsolete?

Among the diverse feelings of Star Wars fans, I am someone who is a fan of the overall saga, including all 6 films. I like the Original Trilogy better than the prequels and recognize much that is wrong with the newer films, but overall I enjoy watching them and think they are a positive edition to the overall saga. The prequels deliver a great story that is integral to the Galaxy Far, Far Away and that really makes the Original Trilogy movies more enjoyable by filling in the back story leading up to the second half of the saga.

That being said, among all six movies, Episode II was my least favorite. I still watch it when I (often) decide to go back through and watch the movies… it’s not like I have written it off completely, but it IS my least favorite. I think that in the end, while Episode II has some GREAT moments, it also has just as many HORRIBLE moments. For every adrenaline-pumping second of Yoda fighting, there’s a cringe-inducing second of Anakin and Padme’s awkward courtship. I used to say that Episode II was worth it for the exciting parts and for the actual plot progression it had, but lately I am beginning to think that The Clone Wars might be even MORE important to the saga than Episode II.  Continue reading

Personal Canon…. and Here We Go! – SWBTF #11

Welcome back to Star Wars Beyond the Films!

This week Nathan and Mark are joined by our own Aaron Goins to discuss a topic that drives Nathan from Naboo to Coruscant and back again. *drumroll* Personal Canon. What is personal canon? What is canon for that matter? This episode your hosts delve into everything from the films, the comics, the books, and the TV shows. They also discuss the tier’s to the canon system. Who knew canon was so convoluted?

Has the Lucas giant created a system that can’t work? How does the retcon world spin? With a LIFO system (Last in first out) in place, can continuity continue, or is this the real reason fans rely on personal canon? How far can one go with their personal canon?
How does Simon Pegg fit into this discussion? He’s a fan who drew a line. Listen to learn how it applies to this week’s topic.
Greedo makes an apearance with his recent TCW appearance causing shifting continuity, and Nathan breaks down his real issue with personal canon.

What is your take on things? Do you have an element of the saga that doesn’t happen to be in your personal canon? Or would rather something else happened? For example, a certain character’s death, (or the Holiday Special anyone)?

Should stories be set in stone? Or is leaving things open to reader interpretation the better route? A good example is Bane’s death.
And, is personal canon intelectually dishonest? Or is it a coping mechanism? Have a listen and tell them yourselves on Facebook!

Aaron brings up parallel universes and the stance of canon and continuity from Lucasbooks/Lucasfilms, and how fans interpret those stances.

With the many books, games, The Clone Wars and more that take us from Episode 2 to Episode 3 having very different paths, is there a way to avoid having two different universes? George Lucas even mentions “different universes” where as Leland Chee has said that there won’t be more then one universe. Does this muddy things too much for fans? Is it time for an Essential Guide to Understanding the Canon of Star Wars?

They also discuss George’s “vision”, how fans react to it, and how far this “vision” goes. Mark wonders if we call it a “vision” still, if things are being made up on the fly? They also discuss the rift that the “vision” and continuity causes among the fans. Is personal canon a nessecary step for fans to continue to enjoy ALL of Star Wars?

All in a day’s work here on Star Wars Beyond the Films!

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