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Video: Star Wars Rebels Season 2 Press Conference

James from Clubjade has video of the Star wars Rebels Season 2 Press conference!

Among the reveals: Dave Filoni said that S2 will have two episodes that explore Hera’s backstory: One that ficuses on her piloting skills, and another having to do with her family. There’s also going to be a new trailer debuting this week that will give us a look at something new regarding Sabine. He also talks about the importance of having a wide range of roles for female characters.

Check it out!


Daniel Logan – Plus TCW Press Conference – SWR #65

Here is the Star Wars Report’s Exclusive interview with Daniel Logan at Star Wars Celebration Six! I’d like to thank Daniel for being very generous with his time in giving us this interview.

He talks about how all of his fans really keep his line going at CVI as well as what it’s like working with his fellow TCW voice actors.

Also he tells the story about how he got to reprise his role as Boba in TCW. Be sure to stay tuned in and listen the the entire Clone Wars cast press conference where such topics are brought up as:

  • Darth Maul’s Return
  • Will the Clone Wars return to theaters?
  • Will Mark Hamill be voicing a character in a future episode?

All this and much more in the latest Star Wars Report podcast episode!

Be sure to download and subscribe to the podcast below and let us know, Would you like to see Boba back in the Clone Wars?

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