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Why Star Wars Still Matters: Reason #2

Star Wars continues to reach people and touch their hearts and this is why reason number 2 is….

Reason #2: Inspiration and Hope

Photo Property of Teresa Delgado

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Across The Stars- TWL #48

In their latest episode, Karl and Jason are joined by special guest Teresa Delgado of the “Star Wars Bookworms” podcast, Fan Girl Next Door blog, and a member of Jedi News.  Your hosts sit down to discuss the role of romance in the Star Wars films. From the dysfunctional love of Anakin and Padme to the fun flirtations between Han Solo and Princess Leia, your hosts have a grand old time talking love, romance, and Wampa’s! Continue reading

How Much Would $6,000 Buy? – SWR #40

Welcome back to the Star Wars Report podcast!

On this episode, your hosts Bethany and Riley are out of town, minus some of their recording equipment; so they record a pre-recorded show for you by themselves. WE MISSED YOU MARK!! (We also talked about you.) >=)

Red Tails is coming this spring, May 22nd, to DVD, and Blu-ray!

A new twist for Leia’s Journey for Baby Princess Leah!

Well, Leia’s Journey has been a huge success so far and a blast to do. We have had a ton of people that want Leia to stop by for a visit, and, well, Leia can only be in one place at a time….. UNTIL NOW!?!?

“What do you mean?”, you might be thinking. Well, we have decided to add a “New Twist” to the “Leia’s Journey for Baby Leah” project. Leia will continue her journey as scheduled, but to help with getting Leia to more stops and conventions, we are going to open up the “Leia’s Journey” to anyone who has a “Princess Leia 12 inch action figure” of their own.

Remember when we discussed several rumors about Star Wars: Battlefront III? Well, even more rumors and speculation have surfaced over the disclosure of some interesting information…..

James Arnold Taylor and Ashley Eckstein will be reprising their roles as hosts of Star Wars Weekends again this year!

There’s a life size statue of Darth Malgus!?!? And it costs nearly $6,000?

We also cover the CBS copyright infringement shutdown of a Star Trek fan-film. We compare CBS’ action on this to Lucasfilms’ fan relations, and talk about how grateful we are that Lucasfilm isn’t overly stringent with their copyrights. (If they were, you wouldn’t, after all, be reading this, or listening to this episode. Thank you Lucasfilm!)

We read two emails from listeners (Thanks guys! We always love feedback!), and talk about the newly released Star Wars Kinect!

And of course we discuss the travesty that is Han Solo dancing…. (Travesty? Really? Why is that so bad? It’s just like a cos-player deciding to dance while in costume at a convention, and everyone seems to like that…. and it’s not like it’s a main plot point in the game, or a part of an in universe novel, comic or video game. I would understand people being upset if right in the middle of a serious cut-scene from The Force Unleashed, Starkiller broke out the moves and started to tango.)

On that swingin’ and jiggin’ note, we hope you enjoy the episode!

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Leia’s Journey for Baby Leah

Hey everyone!

I’m here to tell you about a fund raiser for Baby Leah, a little girl who’s been very sick for most of her short life. If you haven’t heard Baby Leah’s story, CNN covered it here.

Our good friend Chris “Hoth Ice Planet” Smith began this adventure, and is in the process of working on it as you read this. Basically, he’s sending a Princess Leia figure around the world to see different people and places to raise awareness, and hopefully funds, for Baby Leah and her family! Check it out, and if you want to be a destination for the Princess Leah figure, email Chris with his contact information at the bottom of this write up.


Leia’s Journey for Baby Leah


I am Princess Leia in my Endor combat outfit, and I am traveling the world to help raise awareness and money for “Baby Leah” and her family.

Here is the personal blog of her family where you can keep up to date on her well being.

I have started a Facebook page to house my trip around the world in photos.

My trip starts off at the home of the “Sarlacc Pit” podcast in Memphis, TN. I got to tour Memphis!!! Then I stopped off at Graceland, Memphis bridge, B.B. King’s on Beale Street and the Martin Luther King’s Museum. Where will I go next? Stop by my Facebook page to keep up with my trip.

If you want me to stop off in your city or country, then let me know on our Facebook page or shoot me an email at hothiceplanet@galacticbinder.com. I am sooooo excited to get this trip started. Day one was a blast. Next stop LA.

If you would like to make a donation to “Baby Leah” and her family go here.