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On Rebels, Our Heroes Add Kidnap And Duress To The List Of Charges

Howdy! Friendly reminder: this is not a full review. If you want that, that’s cool, and we can recommend a few sites if you’d like. Instead, we take a closer look at some aspects of each episode. And as always, SPOILERS from here on out.

I mean, that’s if the Empire doesn’t get them for the willful destruction of government property they’ll be dealing at Yavin three years from now. Yep, on this week’s Rebels, The Protector of Concord Dawn, our heroes need safe passage. Rather than negotiate – like the Republic they’re trying to restore would – or failing that, finding somewhere else to go, they attack a (reasonably legitimate) military/civilian third party target and strong-arm them into compliance. Go good guys!

Pictured: aggressive negotiations

Diplomacy Fail

In times gone by on our very real and definitely not a Matrix Earth, whenever two warring parties desired truce, they would provide certain assurances that neither would kick up a fuss. Let’s provide some further detail. It’s AD800, and a thousand-strong band of Norse warriors have invaded the Saxon kingdom of Wessex. They’ve plundered and rampaged across the landscape, until they, well, get a bit bored of it, really. They find some easily defensible position and wait for the Saxons to turn up. After a brief battle, the Saxons, led by King Alfred the Great, offers them money to leave. The Norse do so, but to ensure that no further fights ensue, Alfred demands hostages – high ranking jarls or their children. If the Norse come back to fight, those hostages will be killed. (The Norse would of course agree, because this is a normal thing for that time period.)

Sound familiar?

In this episode, our Spectres hope to find a safe route for use in evading the Empire. And so they turn to Concord Dawn, where a group of Mandalorians have set up their home, where our heroes seek peaceful aid with these Mandalorians. It’s like they never read the EU. So of course Kanan and Sabine (mostly Kanan) capture the eponymous Protector*, the leader of the Mandalorians, and use him as leverage against any reprisals by the other Mandos there. Great plan, can’t see that coming back to haunt them anytime soon. Continue reading

Nope. Still want to punch him.

Rebels Returns With Royal Resplendence

Reminder: This is not a full review. If you want that, that’s totally cool, no hard feelings. I’ll just be over here, crying. Anyhoo, here we take a few points of the show for discussion. And, as always, soilers from here on out. Spoilers, too, I suppose.

You would not believe how long it took to find that last R word.

Star Wars Rebels has returned! And it has a much beloved film character! And in this episode, entitled ‘A Princess on Lothal’, we see – oh never mind that. We both know: Leia’s back! Did you see the bit where she went pew-pew-pew! And things went boom, and clearly I should not have had that energy drink before writing this.

Pictured: her resting face for much of the episode.

First, something that jarred me. For some reason I had expected to see Leia as being new to the whole ‘being an amazing spy’ bit, and that she would be unsure of herself, and yet the Leia we got was a fully formed hero. Don’t get me wrong, she was great – but as great as she was, there wasn’t much depth on display, not much personal growth (though that’s somewhat unforgiving, it’s only one episode). So instead, I want to take another angle to this. Continue reading

The Last Padawan (Kanan Part 2 of 2) – SWBTF #192

Remember when Kanan Jarus was a Jedi Padawan named Caleb Dume? Before Order 66 turned his life upside down and left him on the run and hunted. Learn all about his fateful last days as a Jedi, and so much more! All on the next Star Wars Beyond the Films. YOUR Star Wars discussion podcast! YOUR Podcast of Legends! YOUR ticket to that Galaxy far, far away! Your Fandom lies Beyond the Films.

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