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Star Wars On Rewind- TWL #72


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Revenge of the Sith Commentary- TWL #66


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Revenge of the Sith Commentary – SWR #106


I’m pleased to present our feature length commentary for Star Wars Episode III Revenge of the Sith!

We recorded this in the living room of one, Steve Glosson of Geek Our Loud. We hand an absolute blast. ROTS has always been pretty much my favorite SW film. I personally feel that the tragedy of the skywalker saga is told to near perfection in this film.

Anyway we had a great time recording it and I hope you enjoy!

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Ranking the Films – TWL #17


In this episode, Karl and Jason are once again joined by Chris “Hothiceplanet” Smith of the Sarlacc Pit as he discusses his Kickstart project where he is trying to publish his very own Star Wars Trivia book! After Chris explains this fantastic venture of his, the three of them sit down to hash out how the six Star Wars films rank for themselves and why. Be sure to listen in as they recount some of their favorite scenes and moments from each of the six films and how they match up to one another! And be sure to stay tuned to the end of the episode as they introduce a very exciting match-up for next time…