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  • A 3 Hour Cut of TLJ? – SWT #58


    Riley is joined by Podcaster and Geek Out Loud’s man-who-hates-the-pecking-creature-in-the-Force-Awakens Steve Glosson to chat about the latest and greatest in the world of Star Wars! Links: https://twitter.com/steveglosson geekoutpodcast.com Star Wars Tonight is now available on iTunes! You can show your support of the Star Wars Tonight podcast by becoming a Patron at www.patreon.com/starwarsreport On Fridays, we’re recording a bonus 5th episode for our supporters […]

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  • The Last Jedi: Full Trailer Breakdown


    Snoke: “When I found you… Kylo overlooking an assembly of First Order troops and vehicles. With the size of the space and the sparks raining down, this makes me think this is inside Snoke’s Mega-class Star Destroyer, The Supremacy. The Supremacy is Snoke’s mobile command ship, large enough to create, repair, and store the First […]