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Star Wars #1 Review

I recently read Star Wars #1 and I have to say, I really enjoyed it. It was very refreshing to see, what essentially looks to me like a reboot, come to the world of Star Wars comic books.

Seeing the comic books revisit the classic trilogy era really gave me the feeling of something fresh. I find this somewhat paradoxical because it is set in an era and that’s been used over and over again. However, for me it was refreshing to have a comic that I didn’t feel like I had to read 200 previous issues to fully appreciate.

Because the expanded universe has gone so far outside of the familiar territory of the films, it’s nice to see a comic book very closely tied into the on-screen saga.

As a big fan of the movies I have to say; Dark Horse, you have me hooked. I’m interested.

Something that hasn’t happened in recent times with a Star Wars comic

Riley Blanton

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