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Starvengers! – SWR #45

Welcome back to the Star Wars Report!

On this episode, Mark, Riley and Bethany are joined by Andrew Halliday of EUCantina for his report on Star Wars Identities! He tells us about the exhibit, and recommends that anyone who can should visit it!

We mentioned the new “As You Wish” project, which is all about Fett’s helmet this Celebration!

We announced a number of Star Wars guests who will attend Celebration VI!

We talked about the recent trademark LFL filed called Star Wars 1313. And, Bonnie Burton was laid off from Lucasfilm. Farewell Bonnie, everyone’s enjoyed your bright spark in the Star Wars fan community, and we hope to continue to follow your wit and adventurous nature on Twitter and other places!

We talked about The Clone Wars season five trailer! What are you most looking forward to in season five?

Star Wars: The Old Republic has lost a relatively large portion of it’s subscribers.

And in the post show, we talked about the Avengers, Marvel, The Dark Knight Rises, and Star Wars!

We hope you enjoy this episode of the Star Wars Report, leave your comments below, or send us an email!

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There is No Try – SWR #41

Welcome back to the Star Wars Report podcast!

On this episode, your hosts Mark, Riley and Bethany are joined by special guest host Jason of the Wampa’s Lair Podcast! We talk about many things Star Wars, and talk to Jason about how he got into Star Wars, and what his favorite Star Wars moments are, among other things.

Star Wars Identities has an official website!

We gave several Star Wars Celebration Six updates,  and talked about Lucasfilm’s decision to abandon the facility building plans they had for Marin County, CA.

A new Darth Maul comic has been announced.

DK publishing donates $95,000 in children’s books on behalf of the 501st and the Rebel Legion!

We also discuss Star Wars Kinect a bit more.

Why is The Clone Wars writer Brent Friedman skulking around LF?

What is coming in the future of Star Wars, now that TCW is getting older, and the Fate of the Jedi series is at an end, what stories will be told? What will happen to the Jedi?

We talked about Del Ray’s April fools joke, and laughed about it.

We hope you enjoy this episode, and remember, many Bothans died to bring you this podcast!

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The Order, and the Republic – SWR #23

Greetings, and welcome back to the Star Wars Report!

SHOCK AND AMAZEMENT! I, Bethany, the one and only, did the show intro!

On this episode, Riley spoke of his experience playing Star Wars: The Old Republic, in beta.

We had special guests from the New Jedi Order Encyclopedia, Chris and Punit on, and interviewed them about their site!

We also had a number of people in the chat this episode, (where they made fun of me for mis-introducing our guests) be sure and tune into our live shows to join us there! You guys make shows twice as fun. =)

Thanks to Toy Hutt for sponsoring this episode of The Star Wars Report! Check them out at ToyHutt.com.

We also talked about the recently revealed Star Wars Identities, and how all our speculations were incorrect.

And, we arrived at an agreement as to what Krell truly is….. a Jerky McJerk Face!

I hope you enjoy this latest episode, and may the Force be with you in the up-coming holidays!

~ Bethany

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Chilling in the Wampa’s Lair! – SWR #21

Welcome back to The Star Wars Report!

On this episode of  The Star Was Report, we introduce special guest host, Karl a host of the newly founded Star Wars podcast, The Wampa’s Lair! We announce that Karl, and his co-host Jason, will be joining us as another podcast for The Star Wars Report! We believe that all of you will enjoy listening to their unique podcast, which is more of a discussion based show, focusing more on topics from the movies, and the expanded universe, and less on news!

Your hosts speculate about what Star Wars: Identities could be.

And, FIRE! on Skywalker ranch! Also, how cool would it be to have your own private fire crew? You could call it the Skywalker force! =D

We also converse a fair amount about the recent TCW episodes.

Thanks for tuning in!


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