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Bethany Blanton joins us to talk The Force Awakens and The Holidays – CCC Ep. 032



This week we are joined by The Star Wars Report’s very own Bethany Blanton! This episode is packed with fun conversation and analysis as Bethany gives her thoughts on The Force Awakens.



In this episode Bethany recounts her experience of seeing The Force Awakens for the first time and what her favorite and most interesting parts were. We also discuss what it was like having Star Wars for the holiday season. This is one episode you really shouldn’t miss scoundrels so strap in because we are making our approach at lightspeed!


Memorable Musical Moments- TWL #44

Join Karl and Jason as they are joined by legendary special guest Matt “The Krankster” Krienke as they discuss their favorite moments in the Star Wars films which are memorable to them because of the specific music during the scene. From the iconic “Binary Sunset” track with the swelling Force theme as Luke stares off into the sunsets to the exciting chase music of the asteroid field chase in Empire, your hosts have a great time talking about how the Star Wars music highlights a number of iconic scenes in the films!


Top 7 Songs of Star Wars – TWL #11

Join Karl and Jason with special guests Kyle Avery and Riley Blanton as they discuss their favorite songs from the Star Wars Universe. From songs like the triumphant “Throne Room” march in A New Hope to the beautiful melody of “Across the Stars”, these four Star Wars enthusiasts talk about the songs of Star Wars which touch them each on such a deep level.  They also announce the winner of the first ever Wampa’s Lair give-away!