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Battlefront 3 Footage Released

The Verge has posted five minutes of actual gameplay from Star Wars Battlefront that DICE released at the E3 conference.


It gives off a very chaotic atmosphere impression, which really makes you feel like your in a war for freedom.  The graphics look fantastic, and it certainly seems to be shaping up as a must with any Star Wars gamers.

Film Icon Christopher Lee Dies at 93

CNN has just reported that Christopher Lee, known to Star Wars fans for his role as Count Dooku, died this week at age 93.  Lee began his film career in horror movies such as Frankenstein and Dracula in the 1950s, and his later roles as Count Dooku and Saruman in Star Wars and The Lord of the Rings brought him into the public eye for good.


Christopher Lee will be remembered as a film icon, and will be dearly missed.

May God (and the force) be with you Christopher Lee.

New Fanfilm – Star Wars: Recompense

Star Wars: The Recompense is an upcoming independent Star Wars fan film from Truhaven Studios.  It plans to take a darker and grittier spin on the Star Wars universe.
Whatever your take on most fan films, this one deserves a look.  The website (which is linked above) shows the film to be of a high quality, and will even contain the first Bothan in a Star Wars film.