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Update for Topps at SDCC

Some great SW fan events are kicking off today at The Topps booth SDCC.  If you are lucky enough to be there be sure to check them out.


At 1pm we’ll be giving away our new Topps Star Wars Galactic Connexions trading discs to 50 lucky fans. The disc features the First Order Stormtrooper which will only be available at SDCC in an extremely limited quantity of 250. Topps Star Wars Galactic Connexions will be on sale on Force Friday September 4th exclusively in Walmart with 85 characters to collect. 

Next up – Topps will be hosting Steve Blum, the voice of Zeb from Star Wars Rebels, at our booth at 3:30pm. He will be signing Topps cards for the first 50 fans.

Chuck Wendig to Write Entire Aftermath Trilogy

EW has just reported the Chuck Wendig will write the two books following Star Wars: Aftermath in a trilogy.  The books will help stitch together Return of the Jedi to The Force AwakensIt seems like it will be the biggest new addition to the literary side of continuity when the first book gets released September fourth.


Han Solo Anthology Film Announced!

Starwars.com just dropped that Christopher Miller and Phil Lord have the bridge on a new Han Solo Anthology film.  The dynamic duo of Miller and Lord have worked on films like Cloudy with A Chance of Meatballs. The screenplay will be written by Lawrence and Jon Kasdan.  The movie will provide Han Solo’ backstory as to how he became a smuggler.  This topic provides a lot of different angles to take, and should provide the filmmakers with the position to put out a quality film.