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Playable Version of Never-Released “Battlefront 3” Discovered

Kotaku has reported that apparently a user on Reddit has been posting content of an unfinished version of the fabled Battlefront 3, which was more than halfway completed when it was dropped due to financial troubles.  From leaked footage that came up over the years the game looked amazing, featuring the ability to fight on the ground, in the sky, in ORBIT, and then INSIDE the capital ships in ORBIT all in ONE MAP.  It’s debatable how this would have ran on the consoles of the day, but it certainly looked nice.  Regardless what’s new here is that the reddit user purportedly has the first playable version, although reddit moderators took it down since it was copyrighted material.  The embedded video houses some the aforementioned features.

Star Wars Live Action TV Series Isn’t Happening… Anytime Soon


TV Line has just reported that the hinted at Star Wars live action series isn’t on the table for anytime soon.  The article cites various reasons, such as the desire to not make Star Wars like Marvel with its various TV series, and the fact that Abrams’ Bad Robot will not be involved in the production.  This is a respectable strategy, as Disney is trying not to overplay their hand. Although from what we have seen so far, they plan on playing it just right.

Inside The Awesomeness Of The Force Awakens

A cool look into the film-making brilliance of TFA.

Film producer Mike Seymour goes behind the visual effects that earned Star Wars: The Force Awakens an Oscar nod. See how Industrial Light & Magic crafted complex action sequences, detailed environments and realistic characters with the help of advanced motion-capture technology and performances from actors like Lupita Nyong’o.

The latest episode of WIRED’s popular digital video series,Design FX, and just went live on WIRED’s channel on THE SCENE, the premiere digital video storytelling platform from Condé Nast Entertainment.

Watch: Inside the Incredible Visual Effects of Star Wars / WIRED Design FX

Which Star Wars Character Is Your State?

Check out this humorous take on which Star Wars character represents which state, by Estatley.  It seems they also but quite a bit of thought into it, as is shown in the link below.

Estatey just published this map and article depicting which Star Wars character best represents each U.S. state and I thought it might be of interest to your audience. We used a wide variety of statistics to determine each selection. For example…

Washington state—Chewbacca (most Bigfoot sightings) California—C-3PO (most translators per capita, most college robotics programs)New Hampshire—Han Solo (most outbound cigarette smuggling)


Review: Star Wars Poster Activity Book

Review: Star Wars Poster Activity Book (or, The One Where I Forget One Of Those Things)

You know, for a slim book this thing packs quite the punch. You may be tempted, like I was, to think little of the Poster Activity Book, published Egmont UK, and, well, you’d be right. What? It’s an activity book. No one really pays much attention to them. But this book knows this – that’s right, books have become sapient now. We’re doomed – and it’s evolved, becoming more than a mere collection of puzzles.

It. Has. Posters. Stickers, too.

Stop laughing. I’m serious.

Deadly serious.

Okay, okay. I see you’re sceptical, so let’s take it one thing at a time. Continue reading