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Visual Feedback – SWBW #52

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Teresa asked for emails and our listeners came through! In this episode of Star Wars Bookworms we take some time to answer listener emails and also review The Force Awakens: The Visual Dictionary.

  • Book Club! This month in the book club we are discussing Before the Awakening and Moving Target. Head on over to Goodreads and join in on the discussion.
  • We got 9 brand new emails and as promised we read them all on the show and respond accordingly. They bring up topics like the mystery man in Aftermath, what books we would bring into canon, an Ewok novel, what Star Wars book would we give on Valentine’s Day, and a lot more!
  • We do a flip through review of The Force Awakens: The Visual Dictionary.

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Aftermath’s Story – SWBW #51

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Star Wars Bookworms is back, and we are talking upcoming book releases and the novel Star Wars: Aftermath.

  • Teresa talks about her Funko Star Wars subscription box and how we should all get one.
  • We look at some of the books coming out (or already released) for younger readers including Rey’s Story, Rey’s Survival Guide, and the Little Golden Book based on The Force Awakens.
  • New reference guides coming from Dan Wallace and Pablo Hidalgo! We are pretty excited about these.
  • We discuss and review the novel Star Wars: Aftermath.


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Talking Collecting and #wheresrey With Teresa Delgado – CCC Ep. 033

Here it is Scoundrels, another all new episode! We knew we had to go big for this episode coming off such a great episode last week so we went to the only person who could deliver, Teresa Delgado!



Michael and Bruce get with Teresa and discuss what she is collecting and how that is going with The Force Awakens now out in theaters. Then we finally wrap up with the controverial topic of #Wheresrey.



Also don’t forget to follow us on itunes and leave a written review to be entered to win a 3.75″ Black Series rey.


The Force Awakens with Adam Bray – SWBW #50

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It’s our 50th episode!

To celebrate we brought on a guest and friend, Star Wars writer Adam Bray.

  • We talk about our personal experiences watching The Force Awakens.
  • We cover favorite characters, tie-ins to books and comics, call-backs to the Prequels, where the movie ranks, and so much more!
  • Stick around after the credits for an exclusive interview with Aaron’s son Quin.

the force awakens

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The Force Awakens (Spoiler Free) – CCC Ep. 028

This is our The Force Awakens viewing experience at Atlantic Station in Downtown Atlanta. We cover these scene of our local theater as well as call a few other people to get their experience as it is happening.