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Steve’s Star Wars Minute – SWR #86

Jaime saw the Phantom Menace.

On this episode of the Star Wars Report Podcast Mark and Riley discuss:

  • How being a presence in the online community effects our everyday lives
  • And how that’s changing
  • Jamie saw TPM. What did she think?
  • Riley getting nervous about it for no reason
  • Similarities between TPM and Ben-Hur
  • A brand new segment- Steve’s Star Wars Minute
All this and much more…

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Bryan Young On The Prequels – SWR #80

In this episode of the Star Wars Report podcast, Bryan Young from Big Shiny Robot  joins us to talk all about the early days of online fandom, the prequels, the future of the Clone Wars and much more!

Be sure to check out Bryan’s Twitter, and all of his work on BSR.

How We Will Watch Star Wars – SWR #70

How will we watch Star Wars in the future?

In the latest SWR podcast we discuss how shows like H+ and BSG: Blood and Chrome‘s success point to how Lucasfilm should address distribution of Star Wars content in the future.

Mark is behind on The Clone Wars. Why? Should he bother to catch up?

Is there merit to just waiting for the Blu Ray instead of waiting week to week for each episode?

Also we discuss what the impact of over-hyped fan expectation might have on Episode VII.

Star Wars Angry Birds is out.

The Old Republic is now free to play.

Also, what can TPM teach us about Episode VII?

It’s all in this episode of the Star Wars Report podcast.

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