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Original Star Wars Films To Be Screened in China for First Time

EW has just released that this June the Shanghai International Film Festival will screen the entire Star Wars saga.

This will be the first time the Original Trilogy will be theatrically screened in China as only the prequels had been released until now.  The Shanghai International Film Festival says that they hope to create hype for The Force Awakens which releases at the end of this year.

Nathan’s Interview with WARS Radio 2

Greetings and welcome!

On Dec. 31, 2011, Nathan Butler was interviewed by James Robert Crews Wylder for the podcast WARS Radio 2. The discussion involved Nathan’s previous writing experiences with Star Wars Tales, WARS, and original works like Greater Good that was just professinally released this month. As a curiosity for those interested in Nathan’s other works, we re-release “WARS Radio 2 #3” here through the Star Wars Beyond the Films podcast feed. We hope you enjoy the interview. More information can be found at http://nathanpbutler.com/.

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2011 Year in Review: The Books – SWBTF #2

Welcome back to this, the second episode of Star Wars Beyond the Films!

On this episode, Nathan and Mark discuss the books and characters of the Star Wars expanded universe from 2011!

They enjoyed Shadow Games, and that gives me an excuse to use this picture of Dash Rendar……

The discussion runs at a fast and furious rate on such topics as: Jaden Korr, Crosscurrent, Knight Errant, Deceived, Ben Skywalker, the Fate of the Jedi series, how authors handle various scenarios and characters differently; has “the ship sailed” on books focusing solely on “the Big Three”?

What authors do you like, and do you prefer their writing when it’s centered around certain characters or time periods?

What about their point of view on the Force? And how it affects their writing? What do you like learning about in the Star Wars expanded universe?

Do you like clone stories?

New characters vs old? How can someone, as a writer, learn to incorporate both?

Being a writer must be hard!


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