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The Trailer Awakens – CCC TFA Trailer Reaction

In this special episode Bruce and Michael que up The Force Awakens trailer and record their reactions as they watch it for the very first time… and then again.                                                          28463e2d-eb2d-4840-ad61-527409ae85cc                                                              There may be no crying in baseball but there certainly was plenty of crying watching this trailer for these two scoundrels.


Review: Star Wars Starfighter Workshop

Review: Star Wars: Starfighter Workshop (or, The Child Within Is Happy. The Child Without, Not So Much)

Today’s review is of Star Wars Starfighter Workshop by Egmont Publishing. For those regular readers, on here, or on twitter, you will know that Niece and Nephew have disavowed any and all interest in Star Wars. As such, it falls to me to play with these cut-out X-Wing and TIE Fighter models. It will be difficult, but I’ll be sure to try my best.

It’s real hard, yo.

For that, much like its counterpart, R2-D2’s Droid Workshop, is what this book is about. It gives you the pieces to build little foam models to play with (or just admire from afar). But unlike the Droid Workshop, this comes with not just one model, but both the aforementioned X-Wing and TIE Fighter. I know. Oh I know. I made vroomy noises just while making them.

Following the same layout of Droid Workshop, Starfighter Workshop is comprised of two parts. The latter and – in terms of size – more meatier part of the book is the model parts storage. The former is a small booklet filled with various games and puzzles to wile away your time. I’ll examine that first. Continue reading

Fantasy Flight Games! – CCC Ep. 013

Michael Morris and Bruce Gibson are joined this episode by Star Wars Beyond the Films Nathan P. Butler as they discuss Fantasy Flights table top and card games.




Scumthin’ To Talk About! – CCC Ep. 010

This week Ed is back in the Casino and ready to talk some X-wing. We go over the upcoming ships in greater detail and talk about other fun and exciting aspects of the game.



Kick back at the coolest Casino in the clouds and enjoy some of the finest discussion of Star Wars gaming out there!