Middle-earth Network Christmas Album


Our friends over at Middle-earth Network have created a wonderful Christmas album that I think you guys might enjoy! It features never before heard tracks, and is quite the change from your everyday, (sometimes boring in my opinion, yes, you can call me a grinch) Christmas music! My favorite is the White Hand Christmas, which seemed rather reminiscent of the Trans-Siberian Orchestra Christmas albums (My favorite Christmas music!), with more than a touch of The Lord of the Rings soundtrack thrown in!

Anyway, long story short, you guys should check it out! Hope you have a wonderful Christmas!

~ Bethany


Just in the St. Nick of time for Christmas we’re presenting to all our followers, fans, and friends,Minstrels of Yuletide: Christmas in Middle-earth! An exclusive digital Christmas album for your sheer holiday enjoyment brought to you by Middle-earth Network and Swordsong Records. Featuring the talent of our musical friends the Lonely Mountain Band, Arjan Kiel, Marc Gunn,Gandalf’s Fist, and Broceliande, along with a hidden track (which can only be heard if you download the album) by our very own Tyler Michael Jonsson aka ‘The American Gollum’. The digital album includes a special treat from world famous fantasy artist Ted Nasmith, who has allowed us to use his brilliant art for the cover.


To listen or download the album, click the image above.

This album has been exclusively created for Middle-earth Network and boasts never before heard music on several tracks. It includes Arjan Kiels hit single White Hand Christmas, a new track from John DiBartolo of Lonely Mountain Band singing a brand new creation entitled The King of the Magi, also three new tracks from Gandalf’s Fist one of which is a remake of an old Cumbrian Yule song, The Snows They Melt the Soonest. You’ll hear a delightful gem from Marc Gunn called Celtic Christmas Elf Conscription Song, and two traditional Yuletide tracks from one of our favorite Tolkien inspired musical groups, Broceliande.

The songs and music cater to a wide variety of musical tastes. From traditional to the hilarious you’re going to be moved and laughing all in the same hour.

Minstrels of Yuletide: Christmas in Middle-earth is the perfect stocking stuffer for you and your friends who enjoy these outstanding musicians and crave a bit of Middle-earth during the holidays. To our knowledge this may be the first ever Middle-earth inspired Christmas album ever produced!

Sales of the album go to support and grow everything we’re doing here in Middle-earth.


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