Star Wars Original Trilogy Themed Slot Machines


The following is is a contributed article by Emily Campbell.

If you’ve visited a casino recently, you might have noticed that a lot of slot machines now carry with them the commercial license of some of the most successful movies, comic book heroes, and pop culture icons. Slots with arcade-like qualities are now being done in order to appeal to the young adult demographic.

IGT, one of the oldest game developers in the world who supply slot games to Spin Genie and in brick-and-mortar casinos in Vegas, is one of the pioneers of this idea. Transformers, Ghostbusters, and Dungeons and Dragons are some of its first generation themed-based slot games that enjoyed success over the years. Today, let’s take a closer look at IGT’s Star Wars Trilogy slot machine and see what defines it from the others.

Introducing the Star Wars Trilogy Slot Machine

The common slot machine is a single-game action with a few buttons for spin controls. Star Wars Trilogy takes casino gaming up a notch, featuring a three-game reel action per spin for maximum payout chances. It features three original movies in the Star Wars genre: The original Star Wars, The Empire Strikes Back, and Return of the Jedi. A minimum bet of 30 credits must be wagered in order to activate one game, so spinning all three at once will cost you about 90 credits. Players can activate several specials at random times while playing it, including the Rapid Reload feature and Ewok Adventure Bonus.

Apart from the game specials, players can also activate bonus rounds where players can win really big prizes. The Battle of Yavin bonus round allows players to play as an X-wing fighter and relive Luke Skywalker’s deadly mission to blow up the Death Star. The second bonus feature is the Battle of Hoth Bonus where players must drive an AT-AT at Hoth and destroy the rebel army’s shield generation. Lastly, there’s the Emperor’s Final Battle Bonus where players must predict the victor between Darth Vader and Luke Skywalker’s battle.

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Emily Campbell is a freelance writer and a gaming enthusiast. She has been a Star Wars fan since she was a kid. She also dreams about developing her own version of a Star Wars themed video game someday.

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  • John Gilliland

    I just stumbled across this blog. It’s really a shame that Disney pulled the plug on these games. I really enjoyed working on them. I spent over a decade developing these games with IGT and Lucasfilm. It was an honor and a pleasure working on Star Wars themed products. In all we made 8 Star Wars titles and deployed them all over the world. During that same time we made 7 Indiana Jones games as well. Thanks for the kind report. -John Gillialnd