3 Amazingly Bizarre Star Wars Collectibles


The Star Wars saga is perhaps the most well known and most loved film series ever created. With six films having been released and another four in the pipeline, it seems like the last forty years of Star Wars fever won’t be ending any time soon, and one can be safe in the knowledge that alongside fans’ zeal for the series there is still a very large volume of merchandise waiting in the wings, ready to be released and devoured by merch-hungry fans. Whilst some Star Wars collectibles have struck a chord with consumers, take the Star Wars-themed www.rubyfortune.com slot game, for instance, that struck a chord with a generation of online gamers, others have been rather more…niche affairs. Here are three of these weird and wonderful creations!

C-3PO’s Cereal


Released in the mid-80s to coincide with the release of Return Of The Jedi, C-3PO’s are a prime example of the sometimes tenuous world of Star Wars merchandise. Honey-sweetened cereal pieces, all shaped as figure-eights; one wonders how exactly (aside from the packaging) these tied in with the film! Luckily we don’t get Star Wars tie in products that are as relentlessly cash-grabbing as C-3PO’s these days; action figures, Lego and dress-up kits have all been seen and enjoyed by millions, but nothing has come close to the banality that is C-3PO’s!

R2D2 Aquarium


The wry droid R2D2 is one of the Star Wars saga’s best loved characters, and all manner of products have been themed around the plucky robot as a result. One of the weirder releases of recent years has been the R2D2 aquarium, a 1 1/3 gallon fully functioning aquarium nestled within R2D2’s body. Featuring a water cleaning filter; red, green and blue LED lighting; cardboard Star Wars scenery pieces that can be inserted in to the back of the tank; and a viewing portal located in the character’s radar eye, the aquarium is a fine home for fish with cosmic ambitions!

Star Wars Porcelain China Plates


Remember visiting your grandparents’ house as a child, wondering why exactly they’d chosen to mount a number of plates adorned with famous faces on their wall? Well now you can do just the same, but with an added dose of pop culture thrown in for good measure, with Star Wars collectible porcelain plates! Definitely not for eating on, these plates are limited release (until the inevitable re-release in ten years’ time) and thus to be treasured, mounted and passed down to your confused children and grandchildren!

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