Rogue Reactions: My Favorite Rogue One Moments – in GIF form.


You’re welcome.

Also spoilers ahead.

There are a metric ton of think pieces and blog posts and full podcast episodes reacting to and dissecting “Rogue One”.

This is not one of them.

If fact far from, I can think of no better blog post for my “Rogue One” reaction than simply listing my top moment in the film and expressing my thoughts in GIF form. Let’s do this.


Chirrut Versus Stormtroopers

“All is as the force wills it.” Ever since hearing this line in the trailers, I knew this moment would rock. The guy sitting next to me during the first viewing started cheering and pumping his fists. I was right there with him like:


Saw’s Gone Nutso

Did not see this coming. The fact that Saw has virtually lost his grip on reality to the point where he was willing to believe Jyn was there to harm him was rather disgruntling and disturbing. My face:


Apologies to the Peter Cushing Estate

Seeing Tarkin brought to life with full on cgi was not just an impressive feat of special effects: it blew me away that he was written in as such a central role in the film. When his face is fully revealed my sister and I imediately looked over at each other…


Goodbye Jedha

Such an iconic moment. Even thought I knew it was happening, I was simply awestruck by the destructive power. I still don’t get why Saw stayed…


The Alliance Fleet Arrives

YES. SO much yes. When the fleet arrives and the Squadron leaders arrive the audience just went nuts. When I hear “This is Gold Leader, get set up for your attack run.” I’m like YES.


I’M SET UP FOR MY ATTACK RUN! #GoldLeaderForever #StabilizeYourRearDeflectors


Admiral Raddus is a B.A.

It’s true. Think about it. When all the other cowardly members of the alliance turn tail and refuse to lend their aid, up steps the true hero of the rebellion… Admiral feakin’ Raddus. He’s all like “screw this, this is a rebellion isn’t it? We rebel.” Nah that’d be too cheesy, probably cut it.

Admiral feakin’ Raddus everyon, he’s basically the A-Wing in this GIF:


Bodhi’s Redemption

This one happens so fast. The first time I watched the film it didn’t even sink in. But I do love how Bodhi’s sacrifice brought his character arc full circle. He’s redeemed himself fighting against the very tyranny he escaped from.

So sad. Goodbye Bodhi.


K2’s Sacrifice

NOOoooo. How was the droids death the hardest to watch?


Vader Unleashed

Darth Vader handles business. What. A. Scene. Did I ever think that I would be cheering and pumping my fist watching a bunch of Rebel soldiers get slaughtered?


Is something wrong with me? Probably.

I like to think of the scene as a friendy reminder to all of us of our thin connection to our mortal selves.


giphy-7 giphy-8 giphy-9


What are you favorite scenes from “Rogue One”? Let us know in the comments, and nice of you to drop by!


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  • Kenneth

    Psychologically, Saw stayed because, after doubting Jyn he realized he had become too paranoid to even distinguish between friend and foe. Time to get off the stage.

    Practically, he could barely shuffle along with those makeshift droid legs. Could he have outrun the blast wave or would he have just slowed everyone else down enough to get them killed?