The Last Jedi: So What About Dubrovnic?


With perhaps the most anticipated of of any Star Wars film, ever, in Episode VIII it’s no surprise that the rumor mill is in full swing. It seems that with every passing day we gleaning another tiny supposed detail about Star Wars: The Last Jedi. The eventual release of the film in mid December still feels like a lifetime away for diehard fans so every little bit of information is being jumped on and of course tweeted about. (possible spoilers ahead)


It’s no surprise then that recent on location filming in the old town of Dubrovnik, Croatia attracted a lot of attention. The internet was soon awash with leaked images of the scenes being filmed in one of the main streets within the ancient city. They seemed to show several mocked up doorways or portals along a wall covering up the usual shop fronts. Several scenes with high speed chases and lots of action were also reported from behind the screens erected around the area in the old town.

There’s even a cheeky glimpse of the character of Finn riding what looks like a massive horse with huge ears. But of course the snap was pretty low quality and taken from quite a distance, so it’s hard to tell exactly what’s going on. It does however add to the rumours that Finn is heavily involved in a secret mission featuring a new planet in the upcoming Star Wars adventure.

Along with the leaked images from Dubrovnik came the information that the scenes being filmed there were for a new planet in the Star Wars universe called Canto Bight. This has set the rumor mill alight again with interesting thoughts on how this new planet might fit into the new movie. It is thought that Finn, played by John Boyega, will be embarking on a secret undercover assignment for the Resistance in the latest film and this may be the planet he heads to.


Equally exciting is the possibility that Canto Bight is thought to be known as a swanky ‘casino planet’ on set. That’s all we know about it so far but it does conjure up some wicked images of what might feature in Star Wars Episode VIII. The closest we’ve come to anything ‘casino’ themed by name thus far is the gas giant Bespin from The Empire Strikes Back. Funnily enough, there might be also a new mobile casino game which will take place in Star Wars world, read more about it.

Will we end up with a Mos Eisley style affair where anyone is ready to fight for their life at any given moment or will it be altogether more civilized James bond type of enviroment? We can just imagine a one armed alien wrestling with a one armed bandit machine.

Unfortunately we don’t really get a look at the Dubrovnic location in The Last Jedi teaser, but I’m sure more details will be coming soon.

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