Lego Star Wars Mini Sets – A Collector’s Guide


If you want to take you Lego entertainment and excitement factor in you to the next level then the Lego star wars mini-sets iare something that you should obviously try. Generally, it comes in a 12-inch model of death star which is quite a bit bulky and expensive. So, to avoid both the problems of arranging a large space to display those big ones and spending huge bucks to buy, the mini sets became much more popular now. Moreover, the Argos Lego offers carries even cheaper price!


These sets are actually the exciting miniature versions of the vehicles that are used in Star Wars franchise. But, while buying one you should keep some things in mind which will lead you find the best Star Wars mini set. And to make purchasing decision easier for you check out the following below:

  • Know the set numbers

It is noteworthy that the unique set number which is attached with each set remains the same although the name might change from country to country. So, you can make a list of set numbers that you want to buy along with the average price of the same. On doing so, you can dig out the discount offers easily and keep an eye on which set you would like to still buy.

  • Know how to buy the missing pieces

Lego bricks are something that can get easily lost or mixed up with one another if you’ve multiple sets. It is because these are extremely small and if even one fall down somewhere it will be damn tough to find that. So, there is a big chance of losing the Lego bricks. But, you can be always hopeful as there are many sellers who sell the lose parts. So, just keep a track of those sellers.


  • Whether you’re collecting or building

Before buying you should be very sure about the purpose of the Lego Star Wars mini set. If you’re purchasing as a collectable then you should check the condition of the clamshell and whether it remains sealed or not. And if you’re buying to build them for a display then neither the condition nor the sealing fact is important until and unless the pieces are intact.

  • Choose the collection theme

If you’re new to Star Wars then an yet another prominent thing that you should keep in mind is the theme. The theme of a Star Wars generally includes the dark or the light side, fleet and film. You can join the dark side to build a fleet of TIE fighters or the light side with a fleet of X-wing fighters. On doing so,you can make a huge collection of vehicles to start with it.

Moreover, when it comes to film, you should create a collection which is exclusive for a specific film type. Further, if you collect all the mini sets from a single episode then it would create a cohesive set. And while considering about the fleets, you should keep in mind that there might be a single Star Destroyer but there will be too many fighters. You should construct a fleet of ships while purchasing the different types from the same model.

Darn it, Chopper, I told you not to change the hyperdrive into a coffee machine!

So, whenever you hop into any store for buying a Lego Star Wars mini set or browse through any e-commerce site to do the same, then make sure that you’ve the aforementioned factors in your mind. Thus, it will be worth spending your bucks!!

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