Our Bothan Staff: A “Unifying Force” in Fandom

Who are our wretched hive of Intrepid Bothan Reporters and Spies you ask? Here you can find a list of our staff and affiliate correspondents.

Our Founding Elder Bothans:

-Riley Blanton

One of the Founders and Executive Editor of The Star Wars Report website, and Host of the Star Wars Report podcast, Tech enthusiast, former CAP cadet. Opinions are my own and do not represent those of… well… other people. https://twitter.com/therileyguy

-Bethany Blanton

Sister, of Riley, and another one of the Founders of The Star Wars Report website, Bethany is also a Host of the Star Wars Report podcast. Bethany brings the balance to the show with her wisdom. https://twitter.com/BethanyLBlanton

-Mark Hurliman
a.k.a. “The Defender of the EU”

Also, one of the Founders of this place, as well as a Host on its Podcast(s): The Star Wars Report, and Star Wars Beyond the Films. While Mark is often the Star Wars Report Host missing at Conventions, he makes up for it with his duties as Host and Editor of Star Wars Beyond the Films. Mark is a fan of all things Geek, and a genuine Friendly Neighborhood Spider-man kind of guy. He is a self proclaimed “Uber-Geek” and is very PROUD of it. And is also known in Fandom as the “Defender of the EU.” Just don’t quote him the odds; he’s an illogical ol’ Rogue.


Our Intrepid Bothan Reporters:

-Aaron Goins

We can’t say enough about Aaron Goins, to know him is to love him. He was one of our first choices when it came to bringing in writers. Many clones of Aaron die to bring your the latest Star Wars Reports!


-Peter Morrision

Peter Morrison is a man of Mythic proportions, so much so, we cloned him right away. You might recognize Peter’s work from his personal website Lightsaber Rattling. And if you don’t you should go check it out!


-Teresa Delgado

Star Wars nerd at heart and a pop culture fanatic. Fangirl blogger, movie and book reviewer. Avid reader and film goer.

I love penguins!

-Mitchell Hanan

Our 2nd Airborne Division: (Podcast Hosts)

-Riley Blanton
-Bethany Blanton
-Mark Hurliman
-Nathan P. Butler (our Bothan “EU Guru”)
-Karl LaClair
-Jason Hunt
-Teresa Delgado
-Aaron Goins
-Steve Glosson (Special Guest Host and Honorary Bothan)

Our Bothan Spies: (Affiliate Correspondent Reporters)

-Errant Endeavor

Many Bothans Died…. Former Bothans:

06-300x254-Ryan Zasso

Ryan Zasso first entered the Star Wars fan community in early 2010 with the podcast Fanboy’s Guide to the Galaxy. Interested in doing Star Wars related writing, he began writing for the Star Wars Report in 2011.