Our Bothan Staff: A “Unifying Force” in Fandom

Who are our wretched hive of Intrepid Bothan Reporters and Spies you ask? Here you can find a list of our staff and affiliate correspondents.

Our Founding Elder Bothans:

Riley Blanton

One of the Founders and Executive Editor of The Star Wars Report website, and Host of the Star Wars Report podcast, Tech enthusiast, former CAP cadet. Opinions are my own and do not represent those of… well… other people. https://twitter.com/therileyguy

11390310_574780769331910_7260061880492155641_nBethany Blanton

Sister, of Riley, and another one of the Founders of The Star Wars Report website, Bethany is also a Host of the Star Wars Report podcast.

She is constantly torn between The Empire Strikes Back and The Revenge of the Sith as her favorite Star Wars movie. Bethany brings the balance to the show with her wisdom.  https://twitter.com/BethanyLBlanton

Mark Hurliman
a.k.a. “The Defender of the EU”

Also, one of the Founders of this place, as well as a Host on its Podcast(s): The Star Wars Report, and Star Wars Beyond the Films. While Mark is often the Star Wars Report Host missing at Conventions, he makes up for it with his duties as Host and Editor             of Star Wars Beyond the Films. Mark is a fan of all things Geek, and a genuine Friendly                   Neighborhood Spider-man kind of guy. He is a self proclaimed “Uber-Geek” and is very                 PROUD of it. And is also known in Fandom as the “Defender of the EU.” Just don’t quote                him the odds; he’s an illogical ol’ Rogue. https://twitter.com/illoicalRogue2

Our Intrepid Bothan Reporters:

Aaron Goins

We can’t say enough about Aaron Goins, to know him is to love him. He was one of our first choices when it came to bringing in writers. Many clones of Aaron die to bring your the latest Star Wars Reports! https://twitter.com/avgoins

Peter Morrision

Peter Morrison is a man of Mythic proportions, so much so, we cloned him right away. You might recognize Peter’s work from his personal website Lightsaber Rattling. And if you don’t you should go check it out! https://twitter.com/PeteMorrisonLR

cropped-for-webTeresa Delgado

Star Wars nerd at heart and a pop culture fanatic. Fangirl blogger, movie and book reviewer. Avid reader and film goer.

She loves penguins! http://www.fangirlnextdoor.com/


Mitchell Hanan

Mitchell is a Florida dweller, Star Wars fan, family man, and all around cool dude. Having attended Star Wars Celebration in the past, he hopes to continue to be able to go to conventions and enjoy Star Wars!


Johnamarie Macias

Johnamarie Macias is a proud Star Wars fangirl. She enjoys contributing to the fan community, working on her original story, and regularly updating her Star Wars-inspired blog, The Wookiee Gunner. She is also a contributor for Making Star Wars and Fangirl Next Door, and a co-host of “Now, This Is Podcasting!” and “Rebels Chat.” http://thewookieegunner.com/

314370_2540743436255_1239024334_nStuart Tullis

Stuart Tullis (shazbazzar) has been enamored with Star Wars since first seeing it at the drive-in with his family.  The original trilogy dominated his youth until the Dark Times removed the toys from the stores in the mid-eighties.  Rediscovering Star Wars at Mississippi State University with a housemate’s copy of Heir to the Empire, he has enjoyed the saga through toys, games, costumes, cartoons, TV specials, and books.  Currently, he preaches for the Honeysuckle Road church in Dothan, Alabama where he lives with his wife, daughter, and son — two of which are avid Star Wars fans as well (his wife happily tolerates their fandom with a wink and a nudge).  He is an active band parent who is always thrilled to hear the music of John Williams played by high school bands on the field and in concert halls.  He is the co-host of two podcasts on ShotGlass Digital: TechnoRetro Dads and TRON: Decoding the Grid.  Follow shazbazzar on Twitter.

d614248005b9980c6927797b202a1641Joseph Tavano

Joseph Tavano was born just months before Luke found out who his father was, and has been fortunate to have had Star Wars in his life as long as he can remember. Growing up just outside of Boston, Massachusetts, he can remember substituting sticks for lightsabers and BMX bikes for speeders. He loved Droids and Ewoks, and in 1984, when he embarked up a lifelong interest in martial arts, it felt like Jedi training. During the dark times, books like The Essential Guide to Characters sustained him before Star Wars roared back into the limelight with Shadows of the Empire, the special edition re-releases, and the prequels, which he loves. Nowadays, he’s happy to share his love of Star Wars with his daughter; they watched every episode of The Clone Wars together. Though an accomplished drummer, he doesn’t crave adventure (as much) any more, and prefers his old haunts in Salem, Massachusetts, where he resides with his wife. He owns and operates RetroZap.com, a site for in-depth analysis of film, TV and other narrative art (mostly Star Wars), and is working on his first novel. Buy him a glass of Scotch and he’ll return it in kind.

61976_1491671824929_6792038_nPaul DePaola

Born in the desert, raised on the beach and now residing in the mountains.  An obsessive, compulsive geek with a tendency to bring everything back to Star Wars.  In his spare time he is TK-5990, a proud member of the 501st Legion.  Paul is also the host of his own podcast, Fanboys Talking.

7e977ed27e072c9a39815e8fa99e5ab5Michael Dare

Michael Dare lives in the UK and has the accent to prove it. He (doesn’t) make a living as a very (un)successful writer. He is passionate in learning new things. Has never met a long word that he doesn’t like (there’s a long word for that, but he’ll not tell you). Tries to use the word ‘sangfroid’ as much as possible. He is pretentious. Loves to read. Loves sports – the skill, the drama. Watching those athletes whiz past makes him appreciate his chair a whole lot more. He loves nature, animals and long walks on the beach (honest), fears the sea. He loves Star Wars, Firefly, video games, films in general and gets teary-eyed at stirring speeches. He loves Sherlock Holmes, hates Jane Austen. Is a huge Australophile (it’s like being an Anglophile, only with better weather). He has never quite got the hang of referring to himself in the third person. Has a terrible sense of humour – this minor fact does not hold him back and he is very, very sorry. But there is one more thing you must know about him, for he is not as he seems: He is the sword in the darkness. He is the watcher on the walls. He is the shield that guards the realms of men. He pledges his life and honour to the Night’s Watch, for this night, and all the nights to come. So who is he? He is Batman. Wait, that’s not right….


-Lenny Cline

Len Cline has been a fan of Star Wars since he saw a pirated “A New Hope” with a TV dinner when he was around 3 (He only remembers the Tantive 4 battle), he was in his “Primary Star Wars Introduction Age” (PSWIA for short) (aka. 7 years) when “Revenge of the Sith” came out. Len fell out of the active Star Wars fandom for a few years and explored the majority of science fiction eras (except for the 90’s , which is a big deal (Except for Star Trek) until he was brought back through the Star Wars podcasting community. Len loves to read science fiction (Asimov being his favourite writer) and also enjoys the classics (Dostoyevsky anyone?). He loves all things philosophy (Cogito ergo sum!), politics (De Toqueville and Machiavelli!), and poetry (Mathew Arnold and T.S. Eliot for the win!). He is also an anglophile. Len’s worldview is colored by many things in his life: He’s a devout Catholic and holds his beliefs high, as well as believing that morality and personal responsibility are paramount. Len hopes to move to Europe to attend college for philosophy and/or other social sciences. He then aims to put his studies to good use for the world (hopefully just like Luke Skywalker!).

11289922_10205856151355134_641305658_nBruce Gibson

Bruce has been a fan since he first saw Star Wars on the big screen in 1977. That summer, he saw it a whopping four times! Since then, he has lost count and enjoys all of the films in the saga with his Jedi wife and two padawan daughters. When not obsessing about Star Wars, Bruce may be geeking about other franchises, especially Star Trek, and you may see him around Atlanta, GA performing improv comedy. His favorite color is blue.

Our 2nd Airborne Division: (Podcast Hosts)

11825165_10206808721554348_135659040926218263_nWilliam Devereux

William is a life-long Star Wars fan and one of the hosts of the Ion Cannon Podcast. His previous projects include include We Talk Clones, EUCantina, and Solo Sound. When he’s not talking about Star Wars–which he tends to do most of the time–he works as a Program Manager at Microsoft.


Stephen Rice

Stephen co-hosts the Ion Cannon Podcast alongside his friends, Tom and William. He has previously co-hosted We Talk Clones and helped with EUCantina and SoloSound. Stephen’s love of Star Wars (and knowledge of obscure technical trivia) dates back decades. Stephen is also an avid gamer and works at Microsoft as a Program Manager.


Tom Christopher

Tom remembers watching Star Wars opening day with his father back in 1979. From that day on he was hooked. Reading as much of the Legends Universe as he could through the years, it was only natural he would go into podcasting. Having started as a temporary host on the old EUCast, he then became one of three co-hosts on We Talk Clones with Stephen and William.                 Once WTC ended it was a natural transition into the Ion Cannon Podcast. When not                       podcasting, Tom spends his time with his family, his dog, and working for a living.

-Riley Blanton
-Bethany Blanton
-Mark Hurliman
-Nathan P. Butler (our Bothan “EU Guru”)
-Karl LaClair
-Jason Hunt
-Teresa Delgado
-Aaron Goins
-Steve Glosson (Special Guest Host and Honorary Bothan)
-Johnathan Brenner
-Berent Lawton
-Jen “Oddball”
-Jerry “Bounty”
-Michael Morris
-Bruce Gibson

Many Bothans Died…. Former Bothans:

Ryan Zasso

Ryan Zasso first entered the Star Wars fan community in early 2010 with the podcast Fanboy’s Guide to the Galaxy. Interested in doing Star Wars related writing, he began writing for the Star Wars Report in 2011.

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